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Portrait of Larissa Issler, Ottawa Wedding, Portrait & Commercial Photographer

I'm Larissa...


Artist. Director.
Producer. Stylist.


Photography is embedded in me.
I'm academically trained on both film & digital and have 16 years of professional experience with clients ranging from everyday couples to large corporations. I love light, creating thoughtful compositions that catch your eye, and capturing candid, fleeting moments.

Short version:


Pregnancy self-portrait of all 9 months taken on medium format.

Pregnancy Self-Portrait, Tri-X, September 2019 to May 2020

Long version:

I graduated from Toronto Metropolitan University (formerly Ryerson University) with an honours BFA in Photography Studies. Here I was able to hone my technical photography skills and learn the art of storytelling through imagery.

Shortly afterward, I co-launched a Wedding Photography company with my amazing husband and we travelled the world photographing love in various cities. (Trevor-Larissa: Documentary meets Fine Art). I have worked with truly amazing couples and am honoured to be part of such a memorable and joyful day. Many of my wedding couples have become long-term clients, inviting me back into their lives over and over for maternity, family and milestone sessions – I am awarded the opportunity to watch their love (and family) grow – it’s an amazing privilege to be classified as someone's Family Photographer.

I'm also a very passionate studio photographer and work on Commercial commissions creating unique and eye catching product imagery. (You can view my Advertising website here). In addition, I’ve worked behind the scenes on set as a Producer and Product Stylist – putting my attention to detail and love of organization to great use. It’s a fast paced world of colour, creative light and promotion – I absolutely love it. I’ve worked with top brands such as Coke, Asics, People’s Jewellers and Johnny Walker just to name a few favs.

Wedding photo of Larissa Issler

My wedding day, photo by my husband Trevor, Portra400, 2010

My passion for portraiture led me back Toronto Metropolitan University but this time as an instructor - I taught the Portrait Photography course, passing on what I've learned in the field to a new generation of portrait photographers.


My photography skills have a wide range from working with natural light and candid moments to highly organized, curated scenes with set direction and pre-conceived branding guidelines. I'm a people-person and will work to put you at ease in front of the camera to capture your authentic self. I thrive when presented a challenge and am always looking to help individuals or businesses present themselves in the best possible way.

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